This year we introduced the new model of portable light pen SD500, replacing the predecessor: the model SD600 aluminum.

The advantages of the SD500 rotary arm model are varied, its weight reduced to a maximum of 25 kg, and the sale price is 50% lower.

The SD500 lightweight pen always incorporates the manual crank winch according to EN13157 and the lifting cable.

The base of the boom is fixed in the work place, and the boom can be used in different locations with its bases and then stored in a safe place, and outside the inclemencies of the time. Ideal for maintenance of equipment such as water pumps, valves, chemical installations, air conditioners, etc.

The main features are:

  • Capacity: 500 kg
  • Last layer capacity: 245 kg
  • Manual turning: 360º with inner bearing.
  • Transportable: weight of 25 kg
  • Includes hand winch according to EN 13157.
  • Winch lift: 15 m
  • Includes lift cable.
  • Painted finish (optional in galvanized finish). (or galvanized?)
  • Dimensions in the article card: + info.

You can find more information about our lightweight pens, rotating pens and pen cranes on our website.

ejemplo de uso
ejemplo de uso
ejemplo de uso