Nouvelles améliorations du treuil manuel

The manual cabstrant model WW2000 for the WW7500 model, s’han actualitzat i s’han millorat per aconseguir better ergonomics i seguretat, ambdues molt valorades en l’ús of manual winches


The following improvements have been implemented:

  • A more rigid chassis construction, with a different material and introduction of reinforcing ribs in the models WW5000 and WW7500 of capacity up to 7500 kg.
  • A new straight gearbox that provides better protection of the teeth. Straight gear bearings have been upgraded, including a high-strength rotating bearing for the WW5000 and WW7500 winches.
  • The gear ratio of the manual winch WW has been modified to reduce the required force on the crank by 15% for the WW2000 and WW3000 models and by 35% for the WW4000 and WW5000 models.
  • The mounting holes have been kept in the same position, so that the new models are interchangeable with the previous ones. The new version of manual winch is available for 2016.

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