Industrial doors

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In the industrial and logistical world, it is very important that spaces are properly isolated and protected from the outside, both for better preservation of goods, and to allow vehicles to move naturally or to protect the interior of buildings from people outside of them.

For this reason, industrial doors are of vital importance. A warehouse, warehouse, logistics platform or factory must have the most appropriate industrial doors for its activity and the type of products it moves inside and outside.

Fast Industrial doors

At Vinca we carry out the entire manufacturing, installation and maintenance process of industrial doors: high-speed doors, swing doors, slat doors, roll-up doors and sectional doors. To offer the best service to our clients and help them choose the best express door for their business, we offer personalized attention without obligation. In our catalog we... More Info

Flexible manual doors

At Vinca we offer a wide variety of industrial doors and manual flexible doors. Our catalog includes, for example, slat doors specially adapted to your needs. The Lon Jesne slat doors allow the separation and isolation of spaces at a very low cost, and have become one of the most widespread options in the logistics... More Info

Exterior closing doors

As their name suggests, sectional industrial doors are made up of sections or panels. They open vertically upwards, which frees up space compared to a conventional door. They are very useful when closing industrial spaces because they offer insulation, airtightness, security and low maintenance. Vinca sectional industrial doors with exterior closing are made of polyurethane... More Info

Special doors

At Vinca we are experts in special industrial doors. We manufacture, install and offer maintenance of all types of doors for industrial buildings, including special doors: roll-up doors for clean rooms, ISO-TEK refrigerated doors, self-repairing fast doors for clean rooms, VECTORFLEX doors... Consult our catalog for more information on special doors for the industrial environment... More Info

High speed roll-up doors

At VINCA we manufacture, assemble and repair all kinds of high-speed roll-up doors for factories, warehouses and industrial buildings. We have a wide range of high-speed roll-up doors: automatic, motorized, self-repairing, impactable, etc. Discover the best offer in automatic roll-up high-speed doors. We have the perfect solution you need for your company. Contact our technicians... More Info

At Vinca, we offer different types of doors for industrial buildings , adapted to the needs of all types of customers. We manufacture and assemble high-speed roll-up doors, sectional doors, slat doors, flexible doors, automatic industrial doors and swing doors, with different types of mechanisms and materials depending on the requirements of each work environment.

Thanks to these industrial doors, our clients have an ally when it comes to isolating spaces, saving energy and avoiding contamination from the outside, something that is especially important in sectors such as food. In addition, our doors are economical and reliable solutions to all kinds of needs.

If you need a door for an industrial warehouse , consult our specialists.