Transfer on Rails

Transfer on Rails
Ref. 20.1

Transfer of loads inside and outside the ship.

Transfer of loads between parallel crane bridges.

Loading and / or unloading tasks.

General characteristics

  • Load range from 500 to 60,000kgs.
  • Translation with soft start - soft stop.
  • Interchangeable drive units.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Detector bars for emergency stop.
  • Emergency stop button (optional).
  • Support base in smooth or non-slip sheet metal (other materials with optional offer).
  • Service voltage III 400 V 50 Hz. There is a version for battery operation (optional).
  • Strip signage.
  • CE marking (subject to study of the area where it is installed). Excluding in the price of the offers the components necessary for compliance with the regulations, unless they are confirmed and detailed in writing. It is up to the customer to complete the installation and its out of service until it is completed.
  • Routes: they can be on pavement (see photo) or embedded. We also offer the UNIRAIL version.
  • Electrification: by means of a spring winder or motorized, aerial armored line or SUBRAIL armored line. The FESTOON line can also be used if the characteristics of the premises allow it.

For inquiries indicate the following data:

  • Load capacity (in kg)
  • Load centered, uniformly distributed or partially concentrated.
  • Base dimensions (mm)
  • Distance to travel (mts)
  • Type of cargo to be moved.
  • Load stability (or instability)
  • Any other characteristic that you consider of interest.

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