Mobile lifting table

Mobile lifting table
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We extend the range of lifts with this mobile lift table. We have 4 models available to lift loads from 150kg to 800kg. The table is raised through a hydraulic pump that is activated with the foot, achieving an elevation of up to 1000mm.

This product is perfect for carrying out loading and lifting operations, once it is raised it can be used as a work table to improve ergonomic conditions and improve productivity.



  • Mobile lifting table LT15 (Link catalogue)
  • Mobile lifting table LT30 (Link catalogue)
  • LT35D mobile lifting table (Link catalogue)
  • Mobile lifting table LT80 (Link catalogue)

Each model is designed with features to cover all the needs that may arise. From the simplest mobile table that lifts a load of 150kg to the most robust one that achieves loads of 800kg.

min - max
height x width
LT15150Simple210 - 72035 x 450Show
LT30300Simple280 - 90050 x 500Show
LT35D350Doble350 - 130050 x 500Show
LT80800Simple415 - 100060 x 510Show

What advantages does this mobile table offer us?

  • It has a compact design that can be folded for storage, taking up little space.
  • Ergonomic handle and polyurethane wheels that facilitate handling.
  • Easy to use thanks to the foot-operated hydraulic pump.
  • Lower the table with the lever that gives you maximum precision.
  • Swiveling wheels with protection to protect the operator's foot.
  • Fixes the platform at a height to carry out cleaning or maintenance work.

Uses and sectors

It is a perfect tool for preparing orders and handling products. They are very common in different sectors and markets such as factories, automotive workshops, faculties, laboratories, warehouses, hardware stores, etc. If you need to lift a load to handle and transport it, the lifting table is a comfortable and simple option.


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