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Stackers are tools that allow us to lift and transport loads safely. Both the movement and the elevation can be manually or electrically and the load capacity ranges from 500 kg to 1600 kg.


  • Manual stacker
  • Electro-manual stacker
  • Electric stacker

The manual stacker is the simplest configuration, but with a robust and resistant structure. The elevation can be done both with the rudder and with the pedal reaching a height of 1000mm or 1600mm depending on the model.

When we seek to combine electro-hydraulic lifting with manual traction, we should focus on electro-manual stackers. They are a safe solution to lift heavy loads in a stable and safe way. With these we reach up to 3500mm with a maximum of 1200kg.

The line of electric stackers offers electrohydraulic traction and elevation. We can handle loads from 1000kg to 1600kg and achieve a lift of up to 5500mm with the LX14/55 model.

Manual Electromanual Electric
Load kg 500 - 1000 1000 – 1200 1000 – 1400
Elevation mm 1000 - 1600 900 – 3500 900 - 5500

Characteristics of manual stackers:

MX Series Stackers are the fully manual option. Excellent value for money with the benefits offered being a very resistant machine. The elevation is carried out through the pedal that reduces the effort made by the operator.
The MX 510 model supports 500 kg and lifts 1000 mm and the MX1016 loads 1000 kg and lifts 1600 mm.

Characteristics of electro-manual stackers:

It has a manual traction and an electrohydraulic elevation. Its ergonomic rudder makes it very manageable for safe and precise driving. With the TX series of electronic and manual stackers we can load from 1,000 to 1,200 kg and lift said load from 900 mm to 3,500 mm. We highlight the TX12/35 model that lifts 1200kg to 3500mm.

Characteristics of electronic stackers:

We have a wide variety of stackers with an electric mechanism, more than 40 models available that play with technology, loading and lifting to achieve the best solution both in large warehouses and in small spaces.

- RX Series: the most compact range with a single mast up to 1000kg and elevations up to 1600mm. A safe and comfortable solution with low maintenance cost.

- GX Series: powerful, compact and robust stacker. This range has a reduced width of 800 mm (same dimensions as the 800mm Europallet) which allows us to work in corridors, narrow spaces, etc. and rotate with a smaller radius.

- LX Series: covers from the lightest needs to the most intensive uses. It is an ideal device for manufacturing and production areas, terminals or logistics centers. In addition, it has a rudder equipped to control the elevation and descent proportionally. It also has a total width of 800mm like the previous model. We highlight the turtle mode installed to use the pallet truck with the rudder in a vertical position and at a limited speed.

Variables in mobile lift models:

GEL: more powerful GEL batteries that offer the highest number of cycles per charge.

EVO GEL: these models combine GEL batteries with an improved version of the rudder that indicates the battery level and an hour counter.

EVO LI-ON: lithium battery that offers a faster and more durable charge. They also have the ergonomic tiller and fork control.


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