Order picker

Vertical pick-up orders
Ref. 420

Tool designed for logistics tasks in warehouses. Its stable mast and dimensions make it the ideal product for picking small orders in retail businesses.
It is designed to reduce operator injuries and improve work efficiency by increasing the number of orders prepared.


  • Continuous driving system with precise and perfect control.
  • Simple operation: in the left hand it has an ergonomic steering wheel, security LED and battery indicator. In the right hand there is the button to turn on, the up and down buttons, the throttle lever forward and backward.
  • Maximum security: set of sensors that guarantee maximum protection. In addition, it has a blue light to identify where you unload the load, security doors and hand sensors, under the platform and hand/foot security.
  • Maximum performance achieving up to 250 collections/hour. With a speed of up to 6.5km/h.

Use and sectors:

  • Events, hospitals, industry maintenance to carry out maintenance of roof installations, fire systems or air conditioning.
  • Food: maintenance without having to use the ladder.
  • Factories: maintenance of systems installed in high places or on the ceiling.
  • Retail: moving products from one area to another or from the top of a shelf to the bottom.


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