Clampable Mechanical Stop

Clampable Mechanical Stop
Ref. 18.2

The hoist trolley flanged stop is a kind of movable stop device applied to hoisting equipment such as cantilever crane, gantry crane, single girder bridge crane, suspension crane and mono girder crane, jib crane and even single hoist.

Its function is to limit the movement path of the hoist carriage.

Equipment Features:

  • No soldering required.
  • It can be directly fixed with bolts in the most suitable position.
  • The distance between toppes can be easily varied later.
  • The rubber bumper can be mounted in different positions.
  • It admits a very wide range of profiles (see model widths 182VTOPEAES300 and 182VTOPEAES500).
  • Made of galvanized steel to mount indoors and outdoors.
  • Its tightening system ensures its robustness.
  • Super fast assembly with reduced costs.
  • Includes rubber stopper and fixing accessories.
  • Usually in stock for immediate delivery.
    Supplied loose or in a kit of 2 units to limit the carriage at both ends.

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