18.2 Bridge crane monorail Atechbcn

Activity: Cranes for buildings.

Location: Barcelona / Spain.

Equipment: 2 bridges monorail crane.

Capacity: 12.5 t / Light: 8m.

Installation of 2 bridges monorail crane with a load capacity of 12.5 tons, a light between axles of rolling of 8 m, a vertical route of the hook of 12 m and a speed of transfer of the bridge: 30 and 8 m / min with variations speed in the translation of the crane bridge. Motor power crane translation: 2 x 1.1 kw and a service voltage of 400V III 50Hz.

The classification of the structure is A4, the weight of the crane without load is 2,780 kg and a maximum load per wheel of 6,800 kg. Its intended use is suitable for the exterior and has a radio control for its use control.

Ficha Proyecto

Customer: Atechbcn

Location: (España)