DAFE: Double girder crane with double suspended trolley

Thanks to the special design of the double girder crane with double suspended trolley, DAFE has managed to optimise its production process efficiently.

The customer's facilities have a low ceiling and very high presses, which means a problem for the transit of a crane with a high load capacity to be able to manipulate and turn the stamping molds that the customer use to work.

What was the solution to this problem?

With the new VINCA installation of this 20 m span double girder crane with a double suspended trolley, the customer can easily manipulate the heavy stamping moulds along more than 70 m of building, thanks to the design of a crane with a very small height of transit of only 0.65 m.

In addition, this installation includes a system of 'dead zones', a system that prevents the equipment from acting and/or entering conflictive zones determined by the client.

This project is distinguished by its unique custom design to satisfy the needs of the customer, perfectly adapting a complex equipment to the complex facilities of the customer.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Double girder crane with double suspended trolley.

Capacity/Dimensions: 16/8 t double girder crane with 20 m span, supported on 73 m of track for indoor use.

Customer: Derivados Del Automóvil En Fleje Estampado S.L. (DAFE) del grupo FLEX-N-GATE
Manufacturer and supplier of large stamped and welded metal parts for the automotive industry.

Location: Sant Feliu de Llobregat / Barcelona (España)