Gracomsa: Forklift

ACTIVITY: It is the flagship of the food division of the Nuova Sesac Group, was created in 1982 as a company dedicated to the production of margarines, oils and special fats for the food industry. Based in Valencia, it is the only 100% Spanish company operating in the food fats market.

EQUIPMENT: 2.5 t forklift with automatic rolling doors

Vinca Equipos Industriales SA has designed, manufactured and installed this forklift for handling loads for the packaging warehouse. With dimensions of 1.4mx 2, it allows the flow of pallets and containers from level +0 to level +5 m.

It is equipped with DSD on doors (double security system) and SAC system on lifting cables (loose cable detection).

Ficha Proyecto


Location: Catarroja / Valencia (España)