METEO.CAT: Articulated boom with hoist

From the Catalonia Meteorological Service Adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snowfall, etc. are forecast, monitored and monitored. When any of the elements that are part of the radar system or the electrical installation are damaged –essential for the operation of the installation–, it is very important to replace them as quickly as possible to guarantee correct and continuous operation of the radar.

The solution offered by VINCA to carry out these repair and maintenance works is the installation of an articulated boom with a hoist, which allows the articulated arm to be removed through the door of the second level where the radar is located. Once the work is finished, the boom and hoist system is folded and stored inside the building.

The versatility of movements of the articulated boom allows the handling of loads requested by the client. In this case it is a wall pen fixed to a concrete wall using chemical anchors. At the end it has an Athlo chain hoist suspended from a handle with a load capacity of 250kg. For the center located in Puig d'Arques the vertical distance is 10m and 16m in the Vallirana radar.

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Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: 1 articulated boom with ATHLON chain hoist.

Capacity/Dimensions: 250 kg load hoist. Boom height of 10 and 16 m.

Customer: METEO.CAT
Meteorologic service

Location: Vallirana (Barcelona) i Puig d'Arques (Girona) (España)