MÍNIMO BOATS: 5t monorail bridge crane

Minimo Boats is a company dedicated to the manufacture of innovative boats such as the Mínimo 8. This model is a boat that has accommodation for 6 people, which turns it into a "floating apartment".

The construction of these boats is carried out in Pontevedra, in its own facilities. During the assembly process they need to lift the different materials that make up the boat and for this at Vinca we manufacture a monorail bridge crane.

The bridge crane supports a load of 5000kg and an electric cable hoist moves along the rail beam, one of the most reliable models on the market as well as being silent and safe. With the movements of elevation, translation of the trolley and translation of the bridge we manage to lift and transport loads to the entire surface covered by the bridge crane.

Overhead cranes allow us to lift larger and heavier loads than other tools such as booms or forklifts. Each product is focused and designed to carry out certain tasks and at Vinca we always analyze and offer a solution according to the needs of each client.

Remember that at Vinca we are specialists in the design, manufacture and assembly of solutions for lifting and handling all types of loads. If you are interested in receiving a proposal like this, you can contact us here.

Ficha Proyecto

Boat building

Location: / Pontevedra (España)