PADEL COURTS: External overhead crane 4t

Padel Courts Deluxe is a padel court manufacturing company that is located in the province of Alicante where it has almost 45,000 square meters of land where we find the central offices and the factory. Each part that makes up the paddle tennis court is made in a different warehouse where they have the space and the necessary tools for its manufacture.

Once the track is ready to be shipped, it is necessary to transport the material to the outside area where the trucks are loaded and unloaded. On some occasions the handling of the parts can be done with a mechanical bull, but in others where the parts are larger and heavier it is necessary to use a bridge crane.

To this end, VINCA designed and manufactured a 4-ton external bridge crane with a wire rope hoist with a rain canopy. The structure was adapted and manufactured taking into account both the space available and the space needed to load trucks. The overhead crane is a very common tool in the industry that allows you to move loads both horizontally and vertically. For heavier loads, double girder cranes are used, ideal for large spans and high lifting powers.

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Ficha Proyecto

Customer: Padel Courts Deluxe

Location: Granja de Rocamora / Alicante (España)