METALOGENIA: Motorized jib crane with extra arm

Project of 2 ton motorized Jib Crane with another 500 kg manual Jib Crane.

This crane is used for manufacturing mining equipment. With the motorized arm they can manufacture heavy parts. The 500 kg manual Jib Crane has three trolleys incorporated through which they hang the hoses of the equipment they need for the manufacture of parts. With this jib crane, the operator reduces effort and works more comfortably, increasing the productivity.

Vinca has also advised the costumer on the work required for the correct installation of the motorized Jib Crane.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Motorized boom with extra manual arm.

Capacity/Dimensions: 2 ton motorized Jib Crane with a 5 m arm and a height of 4,5 m and a 500 kg manual Jib Crane with 3 trolleys.

METALOGENIA is a company in the metal transformation sector. It manufactures accessories for mining and excavation equipment.

Location: Monzón / Huesca (España)