POWER METAL WORKS: Slewing jib crane with VACU-LIFT

ACTIVITY: Company dedicated to the manufacture of metal cabinets for electrical panels, designed to be part of energy infrastructures, for the production of photovoltaic energy.

LOCATION: Valencia / Spain

EQUIPMENT INSTALLED: Three pens with hoist and Vaculifter self-priming suction cup system U02-6, for handling metal sheets.

CAPACITY / DIMENSIONS: 3 x 1.5 m / 250 kg

Set of three units, each consisting of: IPE boom, 3 m arm, 250 kg load capacity, 250 kg hoist, 2m FEM and a self-priming Vaculifter, with 6 suction cups of 210 mm diameter, which can move to take plates of 670x430 minimum to a maximum of 3000x1500 mm.

Ficha Proyecto


Location: (España)