Prefabricados Agustín: Column and Wall Slewing Jib Cranes

Once again VINCA collaborates with the client to offer a solution for the optimization of the productive system.

In this case, our client needed a lot of mobility and versatility of its welding equipment to carry out welding processes of the reinforcement for the future prefabricated concrete.

To this end, VINCA designs, manufactures and installs slewing jib cranes with lightweight profile to handle light loads. The customer's welding equipment is hung from these jibs for an excellent improvement in Prefabricados Agustín's welding processes. In this way, we are able to adapt to the client's facilities and offer him complete mobility of his welding equipment throughout the area of action of the installed jibs cranes, as well as facilitating and speeding up the work of all the operators who carry out this welding process.

Site: Prefabricados Agustín

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Three column-mounted slewing jib crane and two wall-mounted slewing jib crane. All the jib cranes are manufactured with light profile type TIR-PRO.

Capacity/Dimensions: Slewing jib cranes with load capacity of 60kg with a total arm length of 5000 mm and a height under arm of 3000 mm.

Customer: Prefabricados Agustín
Manufacturer and supplier of an extensive variety of prefabricated concrete elements, aimed mainly at the agricultural, livestock and industrial sectors as well as at the services and construction.

Location: Castejón del Puente / Huesca (España)