ENCARSA: Lifter Platform PLT-S 1000. Exterior.

The elevator allows the transfer of loads from the outside of the warehouse to the plant located 4.5m high.

Lifting platform suitable for outdoor installation, self-supporting structure with perimeter enclosure made of "Pegaso" type sheet and roof.

Exterior door equipped with IP-65 protection keypad.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Lifting platform  model PLT-S 1000. installed outdoors.

Capacity/Dimensions: 1000 kg capacity and 4.5 m stroke, with 2 stops. Equipped with VINCA special SBS interlocking system. Platform dimensions: 1250 x 3000mm.

Family-owned manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging solutions founded in 1973.

Location: Castellón / Castellón (España)