Scissor lift tables

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At Vinca we manufacture, install and maintain scissor lift tables for many different types of loads, from 50 kg to 30,000 kg. All designs are adapted to the work, price and productivity of each client, to offer lifting platforms and scissor lift tables fully adapted to the needs of those who, ultimately, will have to work with they.

Standard scissor tables

All the designs are adapted to the work, the price and the productivity of each client, to offer the scissor lift platforms and tables fully adapted to the needs of those who, ultimately, will have to work with them.

Reinforced scissor tables

This lift table kit is similar to standard scissor tables, but with a stronger, more robust design to handle heavier and bulkier loads.

Electromechanical scissor tables HMS

To meet the specific technical needs in lifting, Vinca has developed an exclusively electromechanical scissor lift model driven by the Serapid chain. This model of lift tables is specially designed for applications that require an exceptionally stable lifting of the load allowing precise and constant stops. Electromechanical lifting tables are designed and manufactured to be... More Info

Special lifting tables

At VINCA we are a leading company in developing and manufacturing special solutions for leveling and positioning of loads and / or people using scissor lift platforms and in providing high-quality ergonomic lifting solutions for industrial and logistics applications. </ strong> We have a highly qualified technical team with extensive experience in the development of... More Info

In our catalog there are scissor lift platforms of different types: electromechanical with SERAPID technology chain, double reinforced, double pantograph, single reinforced, extra-flat, in tandem HMT, or scissor lifts for concentrated loads or distributed.

Functional scissor lift platforms

In addition to lift tables , also called conventional scissor lift platforms , at Vinca we also have optional equipment and functionalities for scissor lift tables , electric or hydraulic lifting tables , from bases for transfer, remote controls, safety rails or anti-fall barriers, doors, curtains, special paints or finishes.

Everything so that the platforms meet all the needs of the client and the environment in which their work takes place. Our scissor lift tables specifically comply with all the safety requirements established by the EN-1570 standard, and with all the criteria defined by the Community Directive 2006/42 / EEC. In terms of safety, each scissor lift in our catalog can also have the ATEX certificate for Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22.

Scissor lift platforms help improve ergonomics in loading and unloading heavy items and help automate processes to make them safer and more efficient.

Discover now our scissor lifts and the wide range of related products available. We have standard scissor tables, reinforced scissor tables, HMS electromechanical, or special lifting tables specific for industrial and logistics applications of all kinds. The design of each product has been carefully executed to guarantee its correct operation and applying the best and most modern materials to achieve the highest quality scissor lift platforms on the market.

For more information, you can download this comparative document of our scissor lift tables.