Bogie Lifting Table

Bogie Lifting Table
Ref. 65.2

One of the maintenance work carried out in the railway sector is the assembly and dismantling of bogies for repair or replacement. This requires a machine capable of moving the bogie for repair. The machinery in charge of this maintenance is denominated table hydraulic low bogies.

The low hydraulic table bogies is a commonly used equipment in railway maintenance workshops, its main function is to allow the replacement of bogies or axles of trains quickly and flexibly.

The hydraulic lifting table comes equipped with a platform that allows easier movement. It is a team with a mobile structure that facilitates the replacement of the axes of a railway vehicle, with vertical and horizontal movements of displacement.

Among the main functions of the hydraulic boom tables low bogies we highlight the assembly and dismantling of bogies and the tuning of axes between track rails. Ideal for a good maintenance of the railway equipment.

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