Column articulated jib crane

Column articulated jib crane
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Articulating booms excel in situations where obstacles pose challenges to load handling and complicate the swinging ability of the boom. Our solution consists of articulated booms that incorporate an arm made up of two articulated sections, allowing obstacles to be avoided without problems during rotation.

These two sections can vary in size and function independently, making it possible to lift and reach any point on the surface, including the back of the spine.

Our range of models ranges from 50 kg to 1000 kg in load capacity and arms up to 6 meters in length.

One of the configurations that we manufacture at Vinca is the articulated column boom formed by the arm in two parts and the column that joins it to the ground. The boom can be anchored to the existing pavement or with a foundation. You can request another type of anchor by contacting us.

This model can be complemented with both manual and electric hoists and with cable or chain. Take a look at the available models and complete the articulated manual boom.

We also offer an extensive selection of accessories such as Big Bag rockers, turning systems, clamps, among others.

To access additional information and technical data, consult our catalog or complete the form to request specific details.

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