Double Scissor Lift Table HMD

Double Scissor Lift Table HMD
Ref. 61.0

Double scissors lift table HMD are used as elevated work platforms, lifters, feeding machinery systems, etc.


  • For E.2 models the load must be uniformly distributed, for A.2 models it can be partially concentrated.
  • Smooth upper surface sheet.
  • For E.2 models the maximum frecuency use is 15 cycles / hour, (shifts 8 hours / day). For A.2 models the maximum frecuency use is 10 cycles / hour, (shifts 8 hours / day).
  • Single acting lift cylinders.
  • Limit switch for the elevation.
  • Bearings auto-lubricated in the joints
  • Hydraulic power pack with safety valve to prevent overloadings and flow compensation valve to control the descent rate.
  • Keypad in fixed support over power pack unit.
  • Electrical equipment controlled electronically with transformer and thermal protection.

Optionally double pantograph tables may incorporate the following facilities:

  • Prepared structure to be moved by forklift
  • Special operating voltage (220V Mono, III 440 60 Hz, etc.).
  • Command from control panel, radio control or footswitch.
  • Surface floor of the platform in hot tear pattern sheet or inoxidable steel.
  • Certified ATEX for zones 1, 2, 21 or 22.
  • Extensible or collapsible lips (hydraulics or manuals).
  • Blockers system to allow people access to the platform.
  • Safety railings and extensible barriers.
  • Rotating plate above the platform (manual or motorized).
  • Tilting platform.
  • Motorized or manual roller conveyor.
  • Containment barrier for the load.
  • Shutters or sectional or hinged doors.
  • Bellows or protection curtains.
  • Special paint for exterior or marine environments.

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