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Polipastos Eléctricos de Cable VAT
Ref. 15.7

The VAT electric wire rope hoist is made using the latest technology, the result of long market experience.

Today in the European Unit, more than a million machines operate that fully meet the demands of their users.

Its design according to the requirements of the FEM standards allows flexible serial production, which is carried out very carefully, ensuring a long life for the equipment. The VINCA VAT hoist presents a solid, strong product and at the same time of a simple and compact construction.

The maintenance of the machine is easy and minimal. The VAT series electric wire rope hoists include 8 basic types - from VAT05 to VAT75, with capacity from 500 to 80,000 daN in the double wire version. The hoists have a wide nomenclature of loads to be lifted, work groups, lift heights and lift and drive speeds that cover different types of use and application by users.

The electric hoists are designed and built according to the requirements of the FEM standards and manufactured according to the requirements of the EC 99/392 / EWG, 91/368 / EWG, 93/44 / EWG, 93/68 / EWG Machinery Directives.


The lift motor is asynchronous, three-phase, with built-in brake and conical rotor with a high starting moment. Electric motors can be single or dual speed with a 1/4 ratio between basic and decreased speeds.

It is located outside the supporting body of the hoist to ensure sufficient cooling and easy reach in case of repair.


The reducer is planetary in type and consists of sprockets and sprockets located within a supporting steel construction. Toothed wheels and satellite sprockets are heat treated. They are supported on the shafts with ball bearings and are lubricated in an oil bath. If the recommended own oil is used, the hoist can work in an environment with temperatures from -200C to + 600C


The connection of the motor and reducer is made by a coupling that can withstand numerous connections and disconnections of the motor, reducing the resulting load.


The cable guide is composed of threaded sectors that allow sliding in the grooves of the drum that are connected to each other by metal tape that facilitates assembly.

By means of a cable clamping spring, located inside the guide, the fixing and correct alignment of the cable in the grooves of the drum are ensured. The guide prevents a crossing of the cable during the work of the loaded hoist. It is supported by ball bearings to achieve an axial movement without friction and allows a maximum cable deviation of +/- 3.5º.


Electric hoists are equipped with a safety device that limits the lifting path. In emergencies the end switch limits hook movement and stops it in top and bottom end positions. It consists of a micro-switch that opens slowly and safely, connected to the operating circuit of the control block. The end switch is mechanically powered by the cable guide using a system of adjustable levers and limiters.


It is made up of a very sensitive and flexible system with adjusted springs that operate a microswitch connected to the operating circuit of the control block.

The load limiter serves to lock the lift control when the raised load exceeds the nominal load. It works as a protection device when the electric hoist works in operating conditions that exceed the overload requirements, provided for in the Directives of the European Unit.

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