Fall Safety Barrier

Fall Safety Barrier
Ref. 75.5

Safety barriers prevent the risk of falls and also end the stress that operators may suffer when working in elevated areas; contributing to improve performance and increase productivity.

The safety barriers are adapted to the place where they will be placed. For example, when it comes to protecting great heights, inside a ship, it is possible that the platform where the safety barriers will be placed is near the roof. In this case, safety barriers designed for low ceilings can be farbicated.

Safety barriers are offered in painted, galvanized or INOX finishes

Security barriers are ideal for:

  • For pallets at unlimited heights
  • Protection of holes in the ground
  • Spring protection
  • High pallets and low ceilings
  • Free tickets
  • Totally free ticket
  • For pallets in height from 1000 to 3000 mm
  • Warranty: 1 year. Own manufacturing, CE compliant

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