Foldable Swivel David SD500

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Swivel Davit SD500
ref. 17.1

Foldable Swivel Davit:

  • robust and safe hoisting Davit
  • ready to hoist in only 5 seconds
  • covered winch and cable in an ergonomic modern design
  • easy to transport, only 25 kg
  • 360 degrees rotation over a built in pivot bearing
  • maintenance free
  • adjustable crank
  • paint application in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944, C1M
  • integrated winch in compliance with EN 13157, DIN 15020
  • as option:
    • zinc-plated finish (6-8 Micron)
    • other dimensions on request


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17.1 Swivel Davit SD125/250/500Data sheeten
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