Impactable self-repairing door VECTORFLEX

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VECTORFLEX self-repairable door
ref. 73.6

The self-healing impactable VECTORFLEX door is part of the group of folding doors with a flexible system that allows the output guides mantle of the door without damaging the structure.

Three safety systems include:

  • Security System SAFE LINE which consists of a safety light curtain on the shaft pillar of the door, in case of detecting any effort to push the canvas, back up without suffer any damage.
  • System SECURISANGLE : Avoid falling canvas in case of breakage of the tapes. For this, it has dual conveyor system, one is normally used, and the other is security.
  • System Securipass : The bottom edge is flexible, light and harmless, to avoid damage to persons in case of impact .

Also available in large (XL).



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