Lifting Platform Single Framed PLT-S

Lifting Platform Single Framed PLT-S
Ref. 62.0

The VINCA Vertical Piston LIFT PLATFORM,
PLT Simple Frame model, is designed for intensive industrial use and for lifting loads exclusively.

The use of the PLT lift will only be carried out by expressly trained and authorized persons, guaranteeing that the platform does not pose any risk to other personnel outside its operation.

As standard, the up / down / emergency stop drives are by means of manually operated pushbuttons. They can also be manufactured with a remote control system or with integrated drive in a fixed sequence of a process; either with roller conveyors, conveyor belts, etc.

Our PLT SINGLE FRAME LIFTING PLATFORMS comply in design, manufacture and installation with community directives:

Directive 2006/42 CE
Directive 2014/30 / CE

And they are in accordance with harmonized standards when they apply:

UNE-EN ISO 12100: 2012
EN ISO 4413: 2011
EN 1570-1: 2012 + A1: 2015 and EN1570-2: 2016
Component groups:

Simple platform frame:

It is the element that moves with the load between the different levels. It is made up of a sheet metal slab, with a reinforcing structure in its lower part, and moves through the vertical frame to be fixed to the existing building or the self-supporting structure designed to support the elevator and which can be supplied by VINCA as a complete set. .

Standard maximum load: 2,000 kg.

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