Manual Pallet trucks

Manual pallet trucks
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The range of manual pallet trucks is designed to handle pallets in a comfortable and simple way. We offer a wide variety of models by category, from the GS Series model, which is the simplest in the range, to the GS EVO Silence Series, which has developed silent distribution methods to meet the strictest requirements. In addition, we have INOX and galvanized pallet trucks.

GS Series - 2500 kg hand pallet trucks

The simplest pallet truck that offers safety and solidity. For loads of 2,500 kg and with fork lengths from 800 mm to 1,150 mm.

Model Sizes (mm) Data file
GS S2 1150x525 See
GS S4 1150x525
GS S4 NYLON 1150x525
GS S4 POLY/POLY 1150x525
GS S4 GOMA/POLY 1150x525
GS S4 800 800x525 See
GS S4 800 GOMA/POLY 800x525
GS S4 1000 1000x525 See
GS S4 FRUTERA 1000x685 See

GS EVO Series - 2500 / 3000 kg hand pallet trucks

Improved design with a 3D ergonomic tiller to ensure safe handling of heavy loads. This range is focused on intense applications with loads of up to 3000 kg. The rollers and wheels are made of polyurethane, thus offering a silent and safe movement. In addition, it has entry and exit rollers to offer an easier entry and a faster exit while protecting and guaranteeing greater durability to these.

GS EVO Special Series - 2000 / 2500 / 3000 kg hand pallet trucks

The Special series is designed and manufactured to handle pallets of all sizes. It has a wide variety of forks and accessories.

GS EVO Silence Series - 2000 / 2500 / 3000 kg hand pallet trucks

Gs Silence offers the lowest noise even on rough or tiled surfaces. It is designed to carry out work in delivery areas, residential areas, in supermarkets or shops.


Special range with stainless or galvanized manual pallet trucks. The INOX model is designed and manufactured to work in spaces with high hygiene requirements, such as in the chemical, food or pharmaceutical industries.

Weighing Series

The weighing manual pallet trucks support loads of up to 2000 kg and have 1185 mm x 555 mm forks. They have a total charge indicator and piece count. In addition, they can also be equipped with a printer and USB. The weighing system is located under the forks and is made up of 4 cells.


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