Manual Winch

Industrial Manual Winch
Ref. 12.1

The VINCA range of hand-driven worm geared winches are robustly built and meet the construction and safety standards in accordance with DIN 15020.

The worm geared winches are available in different hoisting capacities. These are between 250 kg and 1500 kg calculated on the first cable layer on the cable drum.

The worm geared winches are equipped with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering. The cranks can be adjusted in length and are recoil-free. All rotating parts run in maintenance-free bearings.

The winches are available in combined grey/black enamel paint (GR) or provided with zinc-plated surface treatment (EV), which means that rust protection is further improved.

The cable drum can be provided with a cable groove (GD) for better cable routing and storage.

By dividing the cable drum into two compartments, the use of 2 cables (2D) is a standard option on all worm geared winches. Upon request, more than 2 cable compartments are possible.
Atex is a standard option for this range, suitable for Group II GD T4 for zones 2 en 22.

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