Portable Jib Crane ATLAS

Mobile Jib Crane ATLAS
Ref. 17.3

Electric translation and elevation (column without TURN).
Capacity 1000 kg
Double Electric Extension

  • The ATLAS mobile crane is a fully Pick Carry crane
    electric with a maximum capacity of 1000 kg and double
    power extension allowing the arm to extend
    up to 2250 mm.
  • One of the key features of this pick and carry crane
    is that there are no lateral stabilizers, so this crane
    offers maximum mobility with suspended load.
  • The ATLAS model is the motorized crane with the dimensions
    smallest in its class (800 mm width)
    and thanks to the extreme maneuverability it can reach
    anywhere cargo is to be picked up including
    narrow passages and tunnels.
  • He has exceptional leadership ability that allows him to
    bend in tight spaces or rotate on its axis in
    limited spaces.
  • The ATLAS model works with sealed AGM batteries that
    can be recharged even in areas with limited ventilation.
  • It is a fully electric crane that can be
    use in all sectors being silent, ecological and
    with zero emissions.
  • It complies with all the security requirements demanded by the
    current legislation (emergency buttons, horn and bell
    flashing, flashing light, maximum pressure valve,
    block valve).
  • It is equipped as standard with a device for limiting
    load dynamics that prevents the crane from being loaded further
    of its maximum capacity at each point of the extension.
  • The device does not allow the arm to be raised or extended
    until the operator returns the load within the limits
  • The ATLAS counterbalance crane can be equipped with any
    type of solutions under the hook, such as lifting suction cups,
    scales, calipers and pliers permanent magnets and solutions

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