Roller Door with Insulation

Roller Door with Insulation
Ref. 71.7

This internally insulated roll-up door is suitable for all types of industrial and professional applications. Simple in structure, robust and tightly wound, it can be used as an interior or exterior roll-up door.

An interior roll-up door adaptable to various situations due to its reduced lateral and upper space.

Interior roll-up door features:

This roll-up door is made of double-walled galvanized 3003 alloy steel (and lacquered) steel profiled slats with internal insulation and an aluminum lower profile with a weatherproof EPDM rubber lower adjustment profile bracket.

Consult the colors according to the Ral chart.

Perfect superior insulation, both thermal and acoustic. And also lower insulation with a hermetic seal. An interior or exterior roll-up door with energy efficient operation and optimal dynamics.

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