TROMPEX Vacuum Manipulator

TROMPEX Vacuum Manipulator
Ref. 24.1

The TROMPEX vacuum manipulator, with vacuum lifting system by means of an electric pump, incorporates a control system to easily, without fatigue and safely compensate the load to be handled.

It is a very ergonomic and effective tool. Through its different suction cup systems it enables the manipulation of multiple products such as: bags, boxes, trays, drums, boards, ceramics, coils, etc ...

The manipulator is made up of:
1. Vacuum group, with a noise level of 74 dB, protection index IP 55.

The drive of the turbine is carried out directly through the motor by means of a gear, without the need for a belt or other transmission systems, which simplifies its operation, reduces its noise level, reduces breakdowns, and does not require electrical or mechanical maintenance.
Motor power: 380V three-phase. Power: 3.3KW IP 55.

2. Special vacuum relief valve (VRV-VPAS)

This valve protects the turbine against overloads. This valve regulates the air flow to ensure that the vacuum pump is cooled against negative overpressures.

3. Anti particle filter

Filter specially designed to prevent the entry of particles or foreign bodies in the turbine.

4. Vacuum feeding tube (VHSB)

Special flexible tube for vacuum conduction from the turbine to the lift tube.

5. Flexible riser tube

Flexible lifting tube with a diameter determined by the load and type of product to be handled, which allows lifting the load and provides vertical travel of the product.

6. Control system

Specially designed to easily, comfortably and safely compensate the height of the manipulator with and without load.

7. Suction cup system

Suction cup implement specially designed, according to the load, the porosity and the type of product to be handled.

8. Suspension system

The different suspension systems such as: Boom with foot, wall boom or light bridge system, allow the manipulator to cover a wide working radius.

Trompex manipulator suspension on articulated column boom
1. Anchor plate
2. Pump holder (optional)
3. Column
4. Main arm
5. Secondary arm
6. Flexible tube
7. Control system
8. Suction cup system


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- Vinca

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