P85: Pallet inverter

The pallet inverter is a very common industrial piece of equipment in logistics centers where loads that are on pallets need to be handled. One of the most common maneuvers is exchanging one pallet for another.

Why do we need a pallet inverter?

This machine allows us to exchange pallets without the need to touch and manipulate the load it carries. In other words, if the pallet is loaded with bags, the inverter allows you to turn it over and change the pallet without having to remove all the bags from the original pallet to position them one by one on the second pallet. By performing the maneuver with the inverter we managed to improve times and gain efficiency.

How does it work?

  • We introduce the pallet on the platform with the help of a pallet truck or a stacker. The platform has a ramp that facilitates access.
  • We place the new pallet, in this case plastic, that we want to put.
  • The machine is activated from the keypad or radio control. First it is XXX and then it is turned 180º.
  • Once we have the pallet that we want to remove from the top, we open the clamps and extract it with the help of the stacker.
  • We close the clamps again and continue turning another 180º until the new pallet is located at the bottom.
  • Finally, we open the clamps and we can now lower the pallet and the load and perform the same maneuver on other pallets

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Installed Equipment: Pallet inverter

Capacity/Dimensions: 2.000 kg


Location: Valencia / Valencia (España)