Pallet Inverter

Pallet Inverter
Ref. 80.0

The pallet inverter is a transportable machine (by forklift) allowing 180 º turn of full pallets in a few seconds safely.

This operation allows:

  • Change pallets.
  • Turn over a pallet to selectively remove merchandise located at the bottom (sacks broken, damaged packaging, etc ...)
  • Turn over piles of paper, tiles, etc ... in order to more easily work on both sides.
  • Avoid the sediment into containers.
  • To mix products.
  • Etc. ..

The equipment is composed of a mobile platform that compresses the pallet. An hydraulic system rotates the pallet about its center of gravity. Compression of the platform is adjustable depending on the weight of the pallet and the nature and fragility of the product to flip.

The construction of the machine is robust, shockproof incidental. It is easily transported by forklift.

Fixing the equipment on the ground can be performed by metal anchors or can be left loose so as to move in case of receiving heavy blows and so does not damage the machine.

The pallet inverter fixed on the ground is a quickly and safely way to change the pallets. Due to regulatory systems of the machine the product suffers no deterioration. The absolute security of operator can be guaranteed by the protection accesories.

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