SHEM Project: Birrail crane 10 Tn

SHEM uses the driving force of water through 12 large dams and 56 power stations distributed in the Dordogne, Lot and the Pyrenees. It produces the equivalent of one million people's electricity consumption. This electricity is a clean energy, without emissions of C02, certified 100% renewable.

Location: Vallée du Valentin - Eaux-Bonnes- France

Equipment: Birrail crane with 10,000 kg capacity

The project to reform the Eaux-Bonnes plant includes the dismantling of the existing manual crane and the installation of a new overhead bridge crane of capacity 10,000 kg. The project is special due to  its location does not allow access of heavy mounting means and all the equipment has been transported by helicopter to its final location completely disassembled. The access to the hydroelectric power station is by a small path for hikers. The VINCA crane bridge has been designed to be transported in small parts and to be assembled at destination with light mounting means.

The hoist is equipped with the latest generation A-Inverters from SWF Krantechnik, which allows a 50% consumption saving and intelligent speed adjustment.

Ficha Proyecto

Customer: SHEM - Société Hydro-Électrique du Midi

Location: Vallée du Valentin – Eaux-Bonnes- (France)