VALENTINE: Vacuum manipulator for bags

Two TROMPEX vacuum manipulators for sacks, to facilitate the handling of sacks of raw material by the operators and feed several reactors.
A manipulator is suspended from a wall boom of 4.5 m arm, fixed to a pillar of the ship.
The other manipulator is suspended from a column boom with a 4.0 m radius, anchored directly on the attic. Suction cup vertical travel: 100-1800 mm.
To avoid noise, both manipulators have the vacuum pump protected by a soundproofing box.

Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: Two TROMPEX vacuum handlers for bags.

Capacity/Dimensions: Handlers for 25 kg paper / plastic bags, installed on a mezzanine. Max capacity load: 50 kg.

Specialized in the manufacture and marketing of paints and varnishes, belonging to the Portuguese CIN Group.

Location: Barcelona / Barcelona (España)