Articulated Wall Jib Crane

Articulated wall jib crane
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Articulated booms are used in spaces where load handling is complicated by the presence of obstacles and prevents free rotation of the arm. If you also want to take advantage of a pillar to anchor a boom, the solution we offer is wall booms.

The boom arm has two different dimensions and they rotate independently of each other. With the combination of the movement of the two semi-arms we can raise and reach any point on the surface.

Models are available from 50 kg to 1000 kg and an arm length of up to 6 meters.

The wall-mounted articulated boom attaches to the wall or an existing column. The types of fastening may vary depending on the model, but the standard fastening is using a weldable support. There are other options that could be offered such as removable weldable support or clampable support.

Pen accessories

Generally, manual booms are accompanied by manual or electric hoists; depending on the needs, a chain or cable hoist will be supplied.

In addition, we have a wide variety ofaccessories under hooksuch as Big Bag rocker, turners, clamps... and industrial load handlersto handle materials such as bags, boxes, boards, drums, shrink-wrapped products, refractory material, granite, stone, wheels, etc.

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