Industrial cargo handlers

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At Vinca we manufacture all kinds of industrial load handlers , for any industrial application. We encourage you to ask our sales representatives for videos with real applications of load handlers in your sector.

Types of Industrial cargo handlers:

Handlers by to type of load:

TROMPEX vacuum manipulators

It solves the problems derived from loading, handling and unloading, present in all the production chains of the different sectors, handling materials such as bags, boxes, boards, drums, shrink-wrapped products, refractory material, granite, stone, wheels, etc. Consult all the information about TROMPEX vacuum manipulators. At Vinca we manufacture and market vacuum manipulators.    

Weightless manipulators

weightless manipulators are based on a pneumatic system that allows them to take, turn, turn, release, etc. with ease any type of product of very different shapes and weights. A weightless and pneumatic loading manipulator is especially suitable for sectors such as food, electrical appliances, automotive, drums and tanks, coils, electromechanical devices, packaging, foundry, construction... More Info

Industrial mobile lifters

The lifting manipulator works with batteries and allows the lifting of products, easily, safely and without operator effort. It has wheels for horizontal movement (manual). The manipulator can have attached an implement for various products: reels, trays, drums, boxes, etc.

NEWTON / REFLEX mobile elevators

If what you need is to handle industrial loads, at VINCA we offer you NEWTON and REFLEX mobile elevators, which have various components and accessories to handle a wide variety of loads such as coils, drums, boxes and much more. With these mobile lifts you can lift loads easily and safely.

VACU-LIFT under hook manipulators

Very simple handling with accident prevention Ready for immediate use anywhere just by suspending it from the hook of a crane or hoist Since it does not need any external power to function, no electrical cables are needed. Apart from the control of the crane, it is not necessary to operate the device since the... More Info

Bag Handlers

At Vinca we design, manufacture and market bag handlers , weightless or vacuum. If you are looking for a suitable solution for handling bags, check out all the options available in our catalog. We are specialists in industrial solutions and cargo handling. Contact us for more information on bag handlers.

Handlers for Boxes and Containers

At Vinca we manufacture all kinds of box and container handlers : TROMPEX vacuum manipulators, lifting, NEWTON manipulators, weightless ... All these solutions for the loading of boxes and containers are adjusted to the needs of your company and your sector, since we offer solutions adapted to each of our clients. Contact us for more... More Info

Coil Handlers

For the handling and movement of coils, at Vinca we design, manufacture, market and repair a wide range of solutions that adapt to your needs. Consult our catalog to discover all the options in industrial reel manipulators, such as the weightless manipulator for reels or the NEWTON manipulator for reels, among others. Contact us for... More Info

Load Handlers for Wood Boards

VINCA ofereix en el seu catàleg de manipuladors de càrregues industrials, uns especialment dissenyats per a la manipulació de taulers de fusta i planxes. Disposem de dos tipus els ingràvids o de buit. Tots dos proporcionen una major seguretat i ergonomia per als operaris durant les operacions de manipulació.

Industrial Drum Handlers

For the handling of drums , at Vinca we offer different solutions aimed at picking up, turning, turning and rotating drums providing more productivity and ergonomics. Some of these solutions are the weightless manipulator for drums, the TROMPEX vacuum manipulator for drums and carafes, the NEWTON manipulator or the mobile elevator for drums. At Vinca... More Info

Handlers for Pallets

At VINCA we also have within the catalog of industrial cargo handlers, handlers for pallets. They are a practical and reliable solution for your company if they require this type of manipulation.

Manipulators for other loads

Discover VINCA's catalog of special industrial manipulators for very specific loads, such as in cases that require the handling of glass or other more specific loads using weightless manipulators, for example, suitable for a multitude of volumes and weights.

Suspension systems

VINCA's suspension systems to handle loads in complete safety can be anchored to the ground or suspended from the ceiling, everything will depend on the best solution for the needs of your company.

Among the handlers we offer at Vinca are weightless handlers for bags, handlers for drums, handlers for boxes, or handlers for reels, among others. At Vinca we offer the best solutions for cargo handling .