Dock Shelter ECLIPSE

Eclipse Dock Shelter
Ref. 75.1

The Eclipse shelter provides an advanced and highly effective seal for your loading dock. What does daylight at the loading dock mean? It means that there are gaps in your environmental sealing, holes through which polluting elements can enter your facilities and from which high energy costs can escape. The Eclipse dock shelter is equipped to completely block out daylight and effectively seal these spaces, all with one piece of equipment.

Its built-in weighted front tarp tightly seals the top of the trailer. Sealing pockets and pads in the lower corners fill gaps that other loading docks cannot fill when the trailer is backed up. Finally, the “GapMaster” hook system seals the exposed side spaces of the door hinges.

Features of the airtight dock shelter

  • High resistance side fabric, the only one on the market resistant to gravel..
  • Impact resistant head with protective front plates.
  • Deformable foam side frames that compress and return to their original position after absorbing the impact.

At Vinca we have a wide catalog of coats, each model is designed and manufactured to meet specific needs and requirements. Find the model that best fits your loading dock here and if you want to receive more information or advice you can fill out the form that you will find here.

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