Light Gantry PG RAPIDE

Light Gantry PG RAPIDE
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The lightweight gantry model PG Rapide is specifically designed to have a rapid deployment and lifting capacity of personnel and loads. It has multiple options for rescue and lifting of people.

At VINCA we are leaders in products and solutions for the movement of loads by gantry cranes.

With the PG Rapide light gantry crane, you can lift up to 500 kg of cargo with the greatest safety thanks to its design.

The PG light gantry crane is very resistant, portable and easy to handle and is a safe solution for those who use it.

Lightweight but very resistant

Expert engineering design, together with strong and lightweight materials, allows our portable systems to safely lift up to 500 kg.

A portable and easy to handle lightweight gantry crane

Easy to transport, assembled manually, incredibly strong and easy to handle without any mechanical help. This gantry crane can even be used safely on uneven surfaces.

The secure solution

The innovative use of lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloys, significantly reduces the risk of injury, both in transport and in the lifting system. All our products comply with the regulations of manual handling.

Consult all the specifications of the light gantry crane PG in the product sheet.

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