RA-H Automatic Dock Leveler

RA-H Automatic Dock Leveler
Ref. 63.5

The RA-H automatic loading and unloading ramp is electrohydraulic and has 6,000 kg of capacity, a perfect combination of resistance and handling comfort.

  • A single button is the one that allows lifting, folding the lip and leveling the loading ramp.
  • This same button is the one that must be pressed if an emergency arises.
  • It has skirts on the sides, which act as protection for the feet.
  • For greater security, it has a non-slip floor with tear plate
  • Self-supporting chassis.
  • It includes different measures and load capacities.
  • Designed according to community directives 2006/42 / EEC, 2004/108 / EEC and harmonized standards EN 1398

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