Ref. 70.0

The new generation of BARRIER-GLIDER horizontal opening and impact freezing and cold storage doors drastically reduces the operating costs of refrigerated and freezing warehouses thanks to the high tissue insulation capacity and high opening and closing speeds.

The rapid opening of the hole thanks to the two horizontal movement blades to each side achieves a shorter opening time, minimizes the exchange of hot / cold air and reduces the risk of impacts.

The exclusive design of the BARRIER-GLIDER door allows it to be impacted, avoiding costly repairs in case of an accident.

BARRIER-GLIDER rapid doors are prepared to work at temperatures between -30º and + 50ºC. The doors for freezing chambers, built with R-10 insulating panels, are insulated throughout their structure.

The R-10 74 mm thick insulating panels are composed of a core of insulating foam covered with a gray polyurethane fabric. This panel reflects heat, cold and humidity.

Its exclusive joint system ensures complete adjustment between panels.

The BARRIER-GLIDER doors incorporate the new THERMAL AIRTM sealing system, which provides the tightest seal of all those existing today in refrigeration and freezing chamber doors. This system combines a system of textile tubes throughout the perimeter of the door and a hot air fan that provides a seal that prevents air infiltration into the cold room.


  • Opening speed: 1.5 m / s.
  • Effective opening of gap 3 m / s
  • Closing speed: 0.75 m / s.
  • Dimensions:
    • Minimum: 2135 x 2440 mm
    • Maximum: 3048 x 4267 mm
  • Its system of joints between panels achieves a tight and secure closure.
  • Self-supporting frame on beams in round edged steel tube.
  • PLC microprocessor built-in operation controller:
  • Regulates opening and waiting times.
  • Control of number of operations.
  • Possibility to stop maneuver or open door in case of impact.
  • Modulation of all functions and definition of control parameters.
  • Automatic reopening of the door in case of obstruction of the hole.
  • The door can be opened manually in case of power failure.
  • Minimum losses of useful hole in its installation, thanks to its self-supporting structure of reduced dimensions.
  • Optionally there are different activation systems: magnetic strips, cells, push buttons, etc.

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