XL3 HV RITE-HITE Industrial Fan

XL3 HV RITE-HITE Industrial Fan
Ref. 90.0

With the XL3 HV RITE-HITE Industrial Ceiling Fan you get more air movement and more comfort for employees.

All this with the maximum energy saving and with the least number of propellers than any large volume, low speed fan on the market.

Features of XL3 HV Industrial Ceiling Fan

It is efficient in saving energy costs:

  • During operation the electrical consumption is minimal
  • Savings in energy costs up to 30%.

Increase employee comfort and productivity

  • Cooler in the summer.
  • Warmer in winter.

Better circulation and ventilation

  • It continually causes air circulation in the building, helping to keep the floor and dry products where needed.

Optimize air flow

  • Stronger with uniform air speed.
  • No "air gaps" below the industrial ceiling fan.
  • It moves more air than any other fan design.

This industrial ceiling fan is ideal for large surfaces such as industrial buildings, indoor soccer fields, indoor paddle courts, factories, garages, basketball courts, sports halls.

More information at: https://www.ritehite.com/en/eu/products/industrial-fans

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