MECANIZADOS ALCOY: Double girder bridge crane 20t

Mecanizados Alcoy is a company from Alicante that is dedicated to the manufacture of cylinders and hydraulic equipment. For its manufacture, they use steel tubes of various sizes in diameter and with an approximate length of 6 meters. The handling of these tubes requires special machinery designed and adapted to it.

The work they need to do is unload the raw material from the trucks to store it and finally work it. In this case, Vinca designed, manufactured and installed two special double girder bridge cranes with two NOVA wire rope hoists on each bridge crane, for a total of 4 hoists. To ensure that the distance between the two hooks of the overhead crane hoists is the same, a single carriage was installed for both hoists.

The double-rail cranes like the one installed, allow us to handle and load high weights with safety and precision, this makes them the ideal configuration for long spans and high lifting powers. In addition, the bridge cranes can be configured with a wide variety of options depending on the needs and the functions to be performed. Some of the most demanded options are: variable speed drives, radio control, SCL light security systems, Novamaster (control unit: loads, working hours, state of wear of some components), dynamometers, lifeline, etc. .

At Mecanizados Alcoy we have also installed a column pen of 250 kg with a self-supporting base, a type of support that allows us to move the boom with a forklift and transport it to any other place. Its base is designed to support the load and is completely safe and robust.

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Ficha Proyecto

Installed Equipment: 2 double girder bridge cranes + 4 NOVA wire rope hoists.

Capacity/Dimensions: 20t

Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and equipment

Location: Alcoy / Alicante (España)