Platform with Motorized Roll-Up Doors

Platform with Motorized Roll-Up Doors
Ref. 62.2

The platform with motorized rolling doors or car lifts that allows loads to be moved between fixed levels with maximum safety. The standard model of forklift is electrohydraulic drive and for loads up to 10 t.

The lifting platforms that equip motorized roller doors do not take up space on the landing when they are opened, allowing greater freedom of movement for the operator.

The opening and closing is done by push buttons on each door. The door opening maneuver is fully integrated with that of the elevator.

Especially recommended in facilities with little space available or large doors.

Optionally it can be equipped with:

Micro-leveling to ensure a maximum level of 10 mm.
Security lockers in each plant for greater security in loading and unloading operations.
Stainless finishes for the food or pharmaceutical industries.

Each forklift is studied by our technical department to ensure the best use of space, safety and productivity.
If the client does not have an enclosure, VINCA can provide the complete supply with the CE certification of the set.

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