ATHLO electric belt hoist

We include in our catalog of Athlo hoists the new belt hoist, created to offer cleanliness and safety to the food, chemical/pharmaceutical sector and for all comparable industries.

In addition, this model is also available in INOX.

Our ATHLO belt hoist stands out for offering a very high level of hygiene, complying with the most demanding regulations. It covers a wide load range from 500 to 2000 kg.

Its characteristics allow reliable and safe operation. The ATHLO belt hoist can also be optimally adapted to individual requirements. ATHLO is designed for the food industry, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry and all comparable industries.

Hook available in steel and INOX

High tenacity and durability belt

Two-speed contact lift motor

Load limiter and overheat protection

Acid resistant tape

Overheat protection

Features of electric belt hoist:

Esquema puntos polipasto athlo cinta
  1. Push cart or motor available. Optionally also available with fixed suspension.
  2. Overload protection that protects both the hoist and the beam from being overloaded.
  3. Limit switch with easy adjustment of upper and lower limits.
  4. The belt is resistant to various acids, alkalis, mineral salts, solvents and petroleum products.
  5. The support and deflection rollers ensure perfect running of the belt even with a slight twist or pull at an angle.
  6. Control with proven strain relief.
  7. The lift motor is contact controlled and allows two lift speeds, 1/6.
  8. Powerful and durable lifting gear can be configured with different lubricants.
  9. Enabling minimum C dimensions for optimal use of space.


We have different hoist options according to customer needs. The Athlo belt hoist can be configured with an electric or manual trolley, but we also have the option of a fixed hoist. All the options can be adapted to the regulations and needs of the ATEX ZONES.

Fixed hoist
Electric trolley hoist
Fixed hoist INOX
Electric trolley hoist INOX

If you are interested in receiving more information about this model or want to know other available designs, you can contact us here.

Remember that at VINCA we are specialists in lifting loads and we have an engineering team to offer you the best solution when it comes to loading and handling.