Exploring the diversity of VINCA loading ramps

Loading ramps play a crucial role in the efficiency and safety of logistics and transportation processes. We tell you the different types of VINCA loading ramps and how they can significantly improve daily operations.

All VINCA loading ramp models comply with the UNE-EN 1398:2010 standard regarding the safety requirements for levelable ramps.

RA-H Ramp

Automatic ramp model RA-H

It is one of the most installed ramps in loading docks, it has a capacity from 6000kg to 15,000kg and a folding lip that allows it to automatically adapt to unevenness in the truck box.

SAFE-T-LIP Electrohydraulic Ramp

SAFE-T-LIP electrohydraulic ramp

Maximum level of safety to prevent falls from forklifts. The 130mm barrier is raised when the ramps are at rest to be able to maneuver on the dock without danger of falling.


RFA loading ramp

Self-compensated spring ramp with a load capacity of 6000kg and with a manually folding lip.

Self-leveling ramp

Self-leveling ramp

It is a simple solution to adjust and compensate for level differences between trucks and loading docks without the need for civil works. It has a capacity of 4000kg.


Mobile loading ramp

The best solution for loading and unloading trucks when a loading dock is not available. Equipped with sturdy wheels and locking mechanisms, these ramps allow for quick relocation based on operational needs.

Aluminum ramp towards a truck

Aluminum ramp towards a truck

Our simplest model offers continuity between the truck and the loading dock. A cheap and easy option to assemble.

ModelLoading capacityHandleCivil work
Automatic ramp model RA-HUp to 15,000 kgElectrohydraulicYes [No es necesario si se instala con estructura autoportante]
SAFE-T-LIP electrohydraulic ramp6000 kgElectrohydraulicYes
RFA loading ramp6000 kgManualYes
Self-leveling rampUp to 5,000 kgManualNo
Mobile ramp7000 kg and 9000 kgManual / ElectrohydraulicNo
Aluminum ramp towards a truck4000 kgManualNo

In summary, VINCA loading ramps cover a wide range of solutions to meet the various logistics needs in the industry.

Whether you need a folding ramp to save space or a mobile ramp to adapt to constant changes, VINCA offers options that combine quality and performance.

By investing in VINCA loading ramps, companies can improve logistics efficiency and ensure smooth and safe operations.