Standard table vs. Reinforced table

When to choose one model or another? What sets them apart?

Both models are designed and manufactured with the same purpose: to raise a load to the desired height without involving effort and risk for the worker.

Main features of the standard table

  • spread loads
  • Max 20 cycles/hour (8h shift per day)
  • folded height minimum 200mm
  • Evenly distributed loads

Main features of the reinforced table

  • Intensive use
  • Smooth and regular lift
  • Supports non-uniformly distributed loads

When to choose one model or another?

Scissor Table Type:StandardReinforced
Prolonged intensive usex
Heavy / very heavy load applicationsx
Reinforced scissor armsx
upper work platformIn bent sheet.Minimum thickness 10 mm, reinforced.
solenoid valveIntegrated in hydraulic power station.Descent block at the cylinder inlet.
Hydraulic cylinders with cushioningx
SwitchboardBasic, without general contactor.With general contactor, operating indicator light and protection fuse for the control circuit.

Apart from these two models, in Vinca you can also find the extra-flat scissor table with a capacity of up to 2000 kg and a folded dimension between 80 and 95 mm.

If you want to receive detailed information about some of these models you can fill out the contact form that you will find here.