SCL System

SCL System
Ref. 18.0

Industrial environments are actively working crane forklifts, heavy equipment, personal transporters and overhead cranes. Operators often perform multiple tasks and they are in a hurry to complete their tasks. Staff is also busy doing their work in the proximity of these machines, the combination of factors is a security risk.

The placement of visual alarms and beeps according to standard shows a low efficacy in many of these environments, what has pushed the development of the SCL System by VINCA. This device is designed to improve security measures in a workspace with bridge crane with early signs of the real work of the hook area.

Using two line lights with high power LED located in the hoist, and specially designed for industrial environments, crane will emit two beams of red light on the area next to the hook which moves with the hook and helps the crane operator and resto of operators in the area to see more clearly the area of maximum risk during hoisting operations.

Dimensions of the light beam according to height and type

Standard model HD Model
Line Circle Line
Installation Height (m) Beam Long (m) Beam Width (m) Diameter (m) Beam Long (m) Beam Width (m)
5 4,2 0,5 0,65 4 0,1
10 9,6 1,1 1,2 8 1,5
15 15 1,5 1,8 12 0,21
20 - - - 16 0,3

NOTE: values with 100% vertical projection. Dimensions may vary with varying projection angle.

The length of the projected beam can be reduced by up to 20%, depending on the amount of light in the environmentThe visibility of the projection depends on the amount of light present in the environment and the floor colour.

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