New SCL safety system for crane bridges

At VINCA we have incorporated a new safety system based on high-power LED spotlights to improve the signalling of the action areas of bridge cranes, winches and hoists.

Thanks to this new system, the action area of a bridge crane can be continuously signalled along its route during load manipulations.

The safety lights SCL system is a multipurpose system full of possibilities, as it has different action configurations to adapt to countless situations.

The default option is the LINEAR + RED light configuration, but it also has other optional configurations, such as the configuration in SQUARE (to delimit work zones) or in DOT (to mark very specific zones), depending on the purpose of use required.

All the above configurations are also available in BLUE light.

In addition, one of the greatest advantages of the SCL system is that it can be incorporated into both new and existing equipment.

For more detailed information you can consult the product sheet: SCL System